Why Us

We love what we do!

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best service possible and pull out all the stops to make sure your party is the best that it can be !


We think that it’s the little things that are most important, that’s why we ensure that

– All of our products are purchased from respectable stores and where possible are hypo allergenic and kind to skin.

– We only use disposable make-up applicators.

– All equipment is cleaned thoroughly after each party to ensure hygiene is kept to a high standard.

– All electricals we bring into your home are tested and extensions have surge protectors to ensure a high level of safety is maintained.

All we ask  of you is that you remove all valuables before we arrive including expensive rugs, ornaments etc. Please make sure there is enough room for us to host the party. We will need access to a microwave if your package includes the chocolate fountain, hot water for the foot spas and a TV if your package includes the wii games/karaoke.