Build A Buddy Beaut Package !
  • Party invitations 
  • Teddy bear making host
  • Use of our sofa coverings and decorations
  • Variety of bears to choose from
  • Super soft stuffing for extra cuddliness
  • Satin make a wish charm
  • Birth Certificate 
  • Use of craft box to make a make a T-shirt for their new friend
  • Luxury gift bag
  • Mini photo shoot to capture the memories!
  • Music throughout

Silver Package

8 inch bears 

Up to 5 children £110

6-10 children £210

Gold Package

15 inch bears

Up to 5 children £160

6-10 children £260

Boys & Girls aged 3-12

Lasts approx 1.5hours

What better way to keep kids of all ages entertained than by letting them make a new buddy!

Our teddy bear making host will arrive with a brilliant buddy making kit to bring their new friend to life!

The children will then choose their new buddy from our selection, fill it to their desired cuddliness and make a wish before zipping their bear up and bringing it to life.

We will then choose a name for their bear, use fabric pens and sparkling gems to add a crafty twist to their personalised

Then last but not least we’ll make them all official by filling out their new birth certificate!

‘’ Because every little beaut needs a buddy!’’